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A Message from United MEC President

Dear Flight Attendants,

We’re now well into 2015, a year that is full of promise and opportunity.

In my 2015 New Year’s message, I highlighted numerous milestones and accomplishments, most notably our setting a target date of July 23 to reach a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement with United management. Summer seems far away, but late July will be upon us in a blink and there is much work to be done.

Reaching a single agreement with United management is a tremendous opportunity for us to achieve success that is measured in better wages and stronger job security. A single contract will allow us to face issues together. As a unified front, we can more strongly fight for better wages and fix things (like the dysfunctional payroll system) within United. Flight Attendants will have the added benefit of being able to access all of the route structure—the whole world will be within reach. Unity truly is power.

An agreement is also critical to United’s financial success in a fiercely competitive market. The sooner that United completes the merger, the quicker they can move forward with accessing routes and new aircraft. Whether you came from legacy United, Continental or Continental Micronesia, all Flight Attendants within our family benefit from a stronger, stable and growing employer. It’s the employees who play a key role in reaching that shared goal—to be the premier carrier in the industry—and we must therefore share in that success.

After this week of negotiations, I am feeling very encouraged about where we are heading. The Joint Negotiation Committee (JNC) will give its report at the end of this session, but we can see a path forward and United management appears serious about reaching an agreement.

There’s a lot riding on our success. In a time where collective bargaining is under attack, this agreement gives us the chance to prove how effective the collective can be, and that together, we can make sure that we are rewarded for our share in our airline’s success. If we come together in a united stance, we will have a greater impact at the negotiating table. I look forward to working with you as we push for our voices to be heard and our concerns to be met.

Now is the time to stand together, make our voices heard, and advocate for a Contract that is rewarding and sets the highest benchmark for all Flight Attendants.

Together, we are stronger. Together, we are better.

In Solidarity,


Ken Diaz
United Master Executive Council

Joint Negotiations Continue in Houston This Week

Joint Negotiation continues this week in Houston. The Joint Negotiations Committee (JNC) is expected to provide an update through the OurUnited newsletter this Friday after this session.

As a reminder, all JNC updates can be found on the JNC website at ourunited.org.  If you are not signed-up to receive the OurUnited Newsletter please do so also on ourunited.org.

AFA Applauds TSA Change to Known Crewmember Alternate Screening Program

Washington, D.C. (December 16, 2014) – Today, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO (AFA) joined the chorus of applause from the aviation industry in the change to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s Known Crewmember (KCM) program, which allows for flight crewmembers to proceed through KCM screening without their uniforms effective January 13, 2015. 

KCM grants flight crewmembers access to an alternate, expedited security screening.  KCM was first available to Pilots in 2011 and after AFA advocacy, led to Flight Attendant inclusion in the program in 2012.

“AFA fought vigorously for Flight Attendants to be included in KCM and the union continues to seek ways to improve and expand the KCM program at all of our member-airlines,” said AFA International President Sara Nelson. “KCM is important to Flight Attendants and Pilots in their everyday work environment. Beyond providing a lift to crews’ quality of work-life, KCM puts more non-uniformed trained responders—extra ‘eyes, ears and hands’—past the gate.”

Many Flight Attendants are boarding planes before they start their work day, either to commute to their destination to take off or while dead-heading. Non-uniformed trained personnel on aircraft enhances the safety and security for passengers and crew. KCM recognizes the training and certification of aviation's first responders, AFA's members. 

AFA continues to support changes to KCM that add significant improvements to both the safety of U.S. aviation and the quality of life for flight crewmembers. 

AFA joins the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) in encouraging all airports to move to KCM, leading to more efficient security screening for both crewmembers and passengers.

"This update to KCM policy recognizes that Flight Attendants are trusted members of the crew, the first responders on the aircraft, and the last line of defense in aviation security," Nelson stated. 

The Association of Flight Attendants is the world’s largest Flight Attendant union. Focused 100 percent on Flight Attendant issues, AFA has been the leader in advancing the Flight Attendant profession for 67 years. Serving as the voice for Flight Attendants in the workplace, in the aviation industry, in the media and on Capitol Hill, AFA has transformed the Flight Attendant profession by raising wages, benefits and working conditions. Nearly 60,000 Flight Attendants come together to form AFA, part of the 700,000-member strong Communications Workers of America (CWA), AFL-CIO. Visit us at www.afacwa.org


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