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A Conversation with AFA United MEC President Ken Diaz

http://unitedafa.org/images/elines/2016/ConversationWithKenDiazelines.jpgLast night we sent out a Special AFA E-Lines which included a unscripted video conversation with our AFA United Master Executive Council President Ken Diaz.  This video included many current issues of importance to our Flight Attendant profession and to United Airlines Flight Attendants.  Ken reviewed our ongoing Joint Contract Negotiations, addressed rumors around the system and spoke to the importance of Solidarity in achieving our collective goals.  We encourage you to view this video from which is available from our website.

Be Cautious – Get the Facts - Don’t Sign Anything

There have been reports that there have been a number of misrepresentations to Flight Attendants  by those distributing Union authorization cards. Examples include, “Just sign so you’ll get more information.” Or, “Just sign to show you care about that issue [whatever issue you mention].”  Flight Attendants who have later learned the real truth about this campaign, have changed their minds after signing.  While there’s no requirement they let you withdraw your card or cancel it for you, it’s certainly reasonable to expect they will honor your request. Failure to follow your request is proof that this is not about seeking to improve your representation or promote work place democracy. Remember, a Union authorization card is a legal document that will be used in evidence at the National Mediation Board (NMB) to determine if there is enough support to call for a decertification election. It takes 50% of the entire combined Flight Attendant work force. The best way to stop any attempt to divide us is to simply refuse to sign a card.

A request of revocation of UFAA authorization card can be done by sending the following request by mail to UFAA.  You should make three copies, one for AFA, one for the NMB, and one for your records.  We ask that you please send both the AFA copy and NMB copy to:

Association of Flight Attendants
Attention: Ed Gilmartin - AFA Legal
501 3rd Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

We will collect the letters and present them to the NMB in the event it is necessary.

One other word of caution: if a decertification election is called, the ballot would include spots to vote for AFA, for UFAA and for “No Union.” It’s not as simple as switching unions, or even “sending a message” with your vote. The ultimate risk of a decertification election is that we may all wind up with no union. You may not think that’s likely, but management will be pushing very hard to get the Flight Attendants to vote the union out altogether. None of us wants to end up without a union, without a contract and without a voice. Be smart.  Get the facts. Don’t sign anything.

Flight Attendant Individual Profit Sharing % Update

Date: February 2, 2016
Type: AFA Article


The 2015 Profit Sharing payments are scheduled to be included in the March 1, 2016 paycheck for all eligible employees.  Profit Sharing payouts will be approximately 13.0029% of your 2015 annual earnings – a significant increase from last year’s 5.6658% payout.

Flight Attendants who do not make a special election to defer some or all of the Profit Sharing into their 401(k) account (either pre-tax or their Roth 401(k)) or who do not qualify to make a special election, will receive their Profit Sharing in cash paid in the same manner in which the monthly paycheck is received – either direct deposit or as a paper check. To make a special election please visit United’s Flying Together website > Employee Services > My Info > Continue to My Info and Manager’s Toolbox > Profit Sharing 401k Election.

The Profit Sharing special election window is now open through Monday, February 8, 2016 at midnight Central Time.

We encourage everyone to review the company’s publication and Q&A to ensure you are aware of the implications now that the payment is part of your regular paycheck. If you have additional questions we strongly recommend you contact your professional tax advisor prior to making any election.

For any general questions about Profit Sharing, eligible earnings, statement printing assistance, or Profit Sharing calculation, please contact United’s Employee Service Center (ESC) at 877-825-3729 and select the prompt for HR Operations.

United Airlines Council 26 HKG – AFA Election Category Election for Local Executive Council Officers for the term beginning July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2019.

The following Flight Attendants received at least 2 nominations and will appear on the election ballot.  However, those marked with an asterisk (*) must complete a Commitment to Serve in order to appear on the ballot for that position.  The nominations received are next to each Flight Attendant.



LEC Secretary

Council Representatives

Kim Johnson - 7

Rob Lutsch - 7

Sheela Pragasam - 7

Ruby Arclas -7

Mei Char -7




Election Schedule:

MAIL DATE: 01-08-16 Voting Notice and Voting Guide are mailed containing your personal 16-digit activation code
POLLS OPEN: 01-15-16 Polls Open and voting begins
POLLS CLOSE: 03-04-16 Polls close and the election count takes place.

Current Officers:

Term of Office:  July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2016

Candidates for Council 26 Local Officer positions who wish to use the Union bulletin board to post a resume of qualifications may contact President Nara Nakulan at hkgprez@unitedafa.org .  Write in candidates are also welcome to submit resumes for any of the Council 26 positions. We will post the resumes as soon as possible. Please use the guidelines from the constitution and bylaws for your resumes.
For more information on AFA-CWA Election, please visit http://afacwa-elections.org/


The voting packets were mailed from Washington , DC on January 1 , 2015.

If you have not received your nomination packet you may request new credentials through our secure online request site.


Please complete all required information.  A new activation code will be emailed to you from the voting system. As each request is received the Ballot Certification Committee will verify the member’s account and then send the email.  Please check your inbox and spam folders.

The AFA Ballot Helpline can also provide you with a new 16-digit activation code. This will allow you to enter the voting system and cast your vote. The 16-digit code will be sent via email along with instructions for voting via the internet or telephone.

When calling to obtain a new 16-digit activation code please verify your email address and current status with AFA. If you must leave a message, please make sure you leave your name, airline, employee ID & telephone number along with your email address. The email should be in your inbox however be sure to check your spam/junk folder just in case.

If you did receive your voting packet containing your 16-digit number you may go directly to the website https://eballotuv.votenet.com/afa or www.afacwa-elections.org to cast your vote.

Local Council Meeting

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have scheduled a Local Council meeting on the
12th of February 2016. During the meeting we will discuss the Advance Agenda Items for the MEC Meeting which will be held in Chicago on 16th February 2016 till 18th February 2016. After the meeting, we will adjourn for BBQ if there are sufficient participants.


Your Local Council Officers

Date:       12th February, 2016

Time:       2.00pm – 5.00pm

Location: Tung Chung Crescent Club House, Karaoke Room
                 (next to Block 6, behind 711)


From Tung Chung MRT walk towards Tung Chung Crescent Apartment.
please call Nara at 93607679 for questions.


   1.   MEC Advance Agenda Items

   2.  CHOAS Education

   3 . Committees Reports 

   4.  Question and Answers


Location: Tung Chung Crescent Club House Swimming Pool

Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm

BBQ and refreshment are provided (Only Non-Alcoholic drinks are provided. For      Alcohol,( BYOB)

Protect KCM – Compliance with the TSA Prohibited Items List

The government-approved Known Crewmember (KCM) program allows Flight Attendants and Pilots at many airlines to enjoy the convenience of expedited security screening.  AFA worked with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure Flight Attendants could be included in the program which provides participating crew members access to sterile areas of the airport through a separate crew portal.  It is up to each air carrier to determine whether they will participate in KCM.

The success of the program is dependent upon crewmembers demonstrating that they can be trusted to comply with all related requirements.  However, there have been circumstances where the TSA has found egregious violations of the KCM requirements related to prohibited items.  Such conduct flies in the face of all that our Flight Attendants do to ensure the safety and security of every person on every flight.

TSA has served notice that any crew member who violates the KCM requirements may lose their right to participate in the program.  It also has warned that such violations could jeopardize the entire Known Crew Member program.

To protect our ability to continue to participate in the Known Crewmember program, you must abide by the following rules:

  • Crewmembers may not transit the KCM portal with any TSA prohibited items.

  • Carriage of another individual’s property through the KCM portal to circumvent screening is prohibited.

  • All crew members transiting a KCM portal are subject to random screening.

Expedited screening is an earned privilege - not a right. While a majority of our AFA airline employers have chosen to participate, a few have not yet done so. Any breaches of the KCM requirements could jeopardize our standing in the program and the ability to expand it.



Your AFA

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